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* male he/him
* 15
* 31/1/09
* south aus +9:30
* english

im super interested in earthquakes and seismology and shit so feel free to ask about that if you want me to info dump on you i wanna learn new shit about the topic as well


rap & hiphop (old and new, kendrick lamar, j. cole, eminem, cypress hill, ice cube);
EDM/electronic music (monstercat, nitro fun, tokyo machine, WRLD, rogue);
breakcore (sewerslvt, blksmiith, machine girl, femtanyl, vertigoaway);
others include (some rock), quannnic, lil darkie, monuments, the neighbourhood, good kid;

ABT & DNI !!

ABT: speaks english + ちょっと日本語お話せて, autism and adhd, introverted, online often, satirical or sarcastic humour & will make frequent jokes, swears freely, can be distant or overly excited sometimes, very interested in some things (eg earthquakes), plays alot of video games
DNI: pedophile, zoophile, and other commonly shunned sexual interests, lgbtphobic, furry-phobic, egotistical, <12yo unless invited to be friends


likes: earthquakes & seismology, jujutsu kaisen, roblox, rocket league, minecraft, competitive smash bros, wii games, cats, fluffy things
dislikes: gore, egotistical people, gen alpha, most country music, bigots, modern internet humour (mainly a gen alpha thing again lol)
大友達: seth, seb, halo, jacob, melody, oscar, icewolf, ml, jack

glossary at bottom !!

JP earthquake information!

most recent severe earthquake in japan:

Bungo Channel, off Shikoku Region
Seismic Intensity: 6-
Magnitude: 6.6
NHK broadcast


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* fuck shit [breakcore etc]
* fuck em up [fighting mix]
* bass [phonk playlist]
* E-Music
* Rocket League Nostalgia
* lazy playlist [ost comps]
* video music material [random osts]
* upbeat & happy VGM
* certified hood classics
   [collection of videos i like]
* song of the random time period
   [songs i want to show other people]


minecraft pack: music pack i made for mc to replace the default (minus menu music)
ragdoll universe doc: a semi-beginner's guide to the roblox game Ragdoll Universe


+9:30 | the timezone for my area, 9 hours & 30 minutes ahead of coordinated universal time (UTC)
最大震度 | "sai dai shindo", japanese for maximum measured intensity in earthquake reports
震度 | "shindo", japanese for seismic intensity
"shindo" (further explanation) | the main scale used for earthquakes in japan.
10-step scale including 0-4, 5-, 5+, 6-, 6+, and 7.
measures the strength of shaking in one specific location.
弱 / 強 | "jaku" / "kyou", japanese for weak/strong, used with shindo to also mean "lower" / "upper"
大友達 | "dai tomodachi", japanese for good/great friends
fault | a fracture or zone of fractures between two blocks of rock.
faults allow the blocks to move relative to each other. this movement may occur rapidly, in the form of an earthquake - or may occur slowly, in the form of creep. faults may range in length from a few millimeters to thousands of kilometers.
most faults produce repeated displacements over geologic time.
during an earthquake, the rock on one side of the fault suddenly slips with respect to the other. the fault surface can be horizontal or vertical or some arbitrary angle in between. (USGS)

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